Our festive menu is here!
Indulge in these human grade, organic goodies ranging from Mini Strawberry Blondies and Mini Siewmai, to Hokkaido Scallop Cookies and  homemade Veggie Lo Hei with Daylily Crackers!

Also included are delicious bakes from, so you can feast along with your pets😋

VDAY box is good for one hamster, while the CNY box is good for two hams🐹🐹

Limited boxes available!
Presales ends 31st December 23:59, or until sold out.

PLEASE NOTE: Festive box orders containing other items will be shipped together in mid Jan.



Sakura Swiss Roll
Organic oat, organic acerola, organic roselle, organic strawberry

Mini Strawberry Blondies
Organic walnut, organic buckwheat, Korean strawberry, organic fenugreek

Sunflower Egg Pudding
Egg yolk, organic oat, organic white nectarine, organic mango, organic chia, organic bee pollen

Papaya Chocoless Bar
Organic barley, organic oat, organic papaya, organic bee pollen

Safflower Swiss Roll
Organic oat, organic safflower, organic blue cornflower, organic calendula, organic rose

Pumpkin Seed Egg Tart
Organic pumpkin seed, egg yolk, organic oat, organic semolina

Mini Prawn Siewmai
Tiger prawn, organic oat, organic wheat, organic pumpkin, organic carrot, organic turmeric, organic safflower

Scallop flower cookies
Hokkaido scallop, organic oat, organic chamomile, organic safflower

Pumpkin Melts
Organic non-GMO unsweetened soymilk powder, organic pumpkin, egg, little bit of organic corn starch

Veggie Lo hei w/ Daylily Crackers
Organic carrot, organic white radish, organic cucumber, organic white sesame, organic pumpkin, organic daylily, organic semolina