Hanami Box

Hanami Box

A one-time special containing seasonal items meant to coincide with Japan's cherry blossom season that's guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes and most importantly, your hamsters' bellies.
Loaded with bio organic superfoods clinically proven to promote rodent health, both you and your ham will be spoilt for choice.

Hanami Box / $30
🌸3x Swiss Rolls
-Taro Blossom
(Taro, pink cornflower)
-Daylily Peach
(Peach, seabuckthorn, daylily)
(Acerola cherry, rose, roselle)

🌸3x Taiyaki
(Rye, strawberry, rose)
-Golden Mango
(Mango, bee pollen, greek yoghurt)
(Amaranthus, sorghum, hazelnut)

🌸3x Ice Cream Cones
(Pumpkin, strawberry, hibiscus, coconut)

🌸1x Murasaki imo crepe
(Purple potato, strawberry, flowers, herbs)

🌸6x Chocoless bar
(Amaranthus, roasted soybean)
(Raspberry, greek yoghurt)
(Broccoli, dill, chia seeds)
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