Rainbow Mooncake w/ Eggyolk

Rainbow Mooncake w/ Eggyolk

Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with your pet and their very own mooncake🥮
Containing mung bean paste and an egg yolk center, this is as legit as it gets.
Cut into half or quarters, or serve whole.
Measures 4.5cm diameter

Note: the "egg yolk center" is made with egg yolk and mung bean paste, to ensure it is not overly high in cholesterol

Good for 3 months frozen, 1 month refrigerated, or 2 weeks at room temp when stored in a cool, dry place.

Defrost and serve. Alternatively, you may heat it up in the oven at 120℃ (10min) or in the microwave on low (10s). Cool before serving.

Early bird special: $12
From 1st Sept 2021: $15

Organic oat, organic mung bean, organic safflower, organic beetroot, organic purple sweet potato, organic butterfly pea, egg yolk, organic fenugreek, organic bee pollen, organic lactose free milk
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