Verdure Mix

Verdure Mix

Verdure Mix
Great for foraging

Mulberry leaves, hazelnut leaves, birch leaves, currant leaves, mallow leaves, blue mallow, yellow cat paws, butterfly pea, orange daylily

All ingredients except daylily flowers are sourced from Germany and Netherlands

Orange daylily flowers are native to East Asia (China)


Mulberry leaves - rich in antioxidants, minerals, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, anti-inflammatory properties

Hazelnut leaves - rich in phytonutrients, positive effect on overall health

Birch leaves - high in vitamin C, beneficial to the kidney and bladder

Currant leaves - rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and anthocyanins

Mallow leaves - overall positive effect particularly for gastrointestinal health

Blue Mallow - supports immune health, soothing qualities, anti-inflammatory properties

Yellow Cat's Paw - rich source of protein and fibre

Butterfly Pea - rich in antioxidants

Orange Daylily - promotes good bowel health
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