Varnishing Service

Varnishing Service

💡What is varnishing?
Varnishing refers to a transparent water resistant coating that is applied onto surfaces of wooden accessories to protect the item and make cleaning easy.

💡Is it safe for hamsters and other pets?
We use Mod Podge, a non toxic, acrylic decoupage that is highly water resistant.

💡How much does this service cost?
We charge a flat fee of $2 PER ITEM, regardless of  complexicity and surface area. This service is only valid for items from at the time of purchase.

💡What is the lead time for varnishing?
A lead time of 1-3 days is neccessary for items to be varnished and cured.

If you purchase multiple wooden accessories but would like to varnish only one, please leave us a note specifying which item.