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Hiatus Announcement

Taffy had been breathing slightly heavier than usual for several weeks now, but her energy levels and appetite were unchanged. She had a vet check two weeks ago and was deemed healthy albeit old.
Two days ago, she was still using the wheel.
Yesterday, she was foraging as per normal.
Today, she suddenly had breathing difficulties and before i could get her to the vet, she passed on within the hour. I'm glad she passed at home, without much suffering, in a familiar place.
I hope she wasn't too scared and that she wasn't in pain.

Taffy wasn't just a hamster— she was my life line, my inspiration, my reason to try.

I started this business in January 2021 as a way to cope with MDD, and because Taffy's pickiness gave me the motivation to cook up new treats instead of moping around. When she and the hams responded enthusiastically, it spurred me on to keep improving and doing better.

As a result of everyone's (and their pets!) love and support, it has blossomed into the online store that you know today.


There is no definite time-frame for grieving, and as such, Taffy's will be going on hiatus.
I will make another announcement after deciding the direction and future of Taffy's.

Take care of yourselves in the meantime.

Existing stocks are available for purchase.
Orders will be packed and shipped as usual, however please allow a longer lead time.

Last updated: 4th Feb 2022

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