Egg Waffles (Joint Support)

Egg Waffles (Joint Support)

Brought into existence due to Taffy's aging bones, these light and crunchy egg waffles are a functional treat and supplement in one!
Suitable for hamsters 8 months old and above.

Includes Rose-Hip Vital made from 100% rosehip buds grown in Denmark, which helps support cartilage maintenance for healthy joints and has the following benefits:

-Helps with joint pain and joint mobility
-Preventative for joint problems
-Immune system support
-General health and well-being
-Coat quality, skin conditions, allergies
-Patented Rosehip powder more effective than glucosamine

One of the 30+ scientific research papers is a comparison between Rose-Hip Vital's patented Rosehip powder & glucosamine. The study found that there was a clinically significant improvement in the group who took Rose-Hip Vital and that it was more effective than glucosamine. 
R. Christensen, E. M. Bartels, H. Bliddal;
The Parker Inst.: Musculoskeletal Statistics Unit, Copenhagen F, DENMARK.
*Please refer to 4th image

Feeding directions:
One waffle every two days

Organic oat, egg yolk, organic banana, Rose-Hip Vital (100% rosa canina fruit powder from Denmark)

15 waffles per pack (1 month's supply)