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Mango Pudding Cake

Mango Pudding Cake


Bringing you a refreshing tropical twist to your pets' special day with our character cakes☀️🥭

Mangoes are particularly rich in vitamin C, K, folate, choline and beta-carotene, but also higher in sugar compared to other fruits.

We recommend this as a rare treat for special occassions.

This cake is handcrafted without a mold from start to finish.

Each cake is unique and no two pieces are alike.

Please do not purchase if you cannot accept imperfections! Thank you🙏


Measures 3.5cm each.

Note: 'Slightly Ugly' refers to cakes that presentable but just not as perfect.


*Any small white hairs are mango fibre as fresh mangoes are used.



Organic mango, organic oat, organic carob, organic turmeric

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