Dandelion infused bamboo sticks with a yummy fruit and vegetable coating. Treat, boredom breaker and chew toy in one!

Suitable for all small rodents.

***Only Classic Strawberry and Acai is suitable for rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs***


Protip: Don't throw the bamboo sticks away - they are dandelion infused and your pets can still have a great time gnawing on them!


6x 7.5cm sticks per pack



Assorted (at least 3 flavors)


Blueberry Coconut

Classic Strawberry

Kale Walnut

Hazelnut Carob



Bamboo, organic dandelion, organic oat, organic acai/organic strawberry/organic blueberry/organic kale/organic carob, organic spirulina, organic coconut, organic walnut, organic hazelnut, organic bee pollen

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