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Beary Collection (Joint Support)

Beary Collection (Joint Support)


Get your hamster, bunny or piggy their very own teddy friend!

This functional treat is not only healthy and delicious— it also provides additional joint support.

Fortified with Rosehip Vital and available in a trio of fresh, fruity flavors:

Strawberry Banana🍓 / Blackberry Pear🫐 / Kale Banana🥬

Assorted Option will include 1 bear of each flavor.

Our OG Egg Waffles for Joint Support has helped improve the quality of life of so many hamsters; we designed these inclusive treats so our bunny and piggy friends can enjoy them too :)


Each cookie measures 4cm.

Crunchy but not overly hard, helps keep rodents' teeth trim and is suitable for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and small rodents of all ages.


Feeding directions:

(Please feed as directed)

Hamsters & small rodents: One cookie per week

Bunnies & Piggies: Up to 4 cookies per week


Includes Rose-Hip Vital made from 100% rosehip buds grown in Denmark, which helps support cartilage maintenance for healthy joints and has the following benefits:

-Helps with joint pain and joint mobility

-Preventative for joint problems

-Immune system support

-General health and well-being

-Coat quality, skin conditions, allergies

-Patented Rosehip powder more effective than glucosamine


One of the 30+ scientific research papers is a comparison between Rose-Hip Vital's patented Rosehip powder & glucosamine. The study found that there was a clinically significant improvement in the group who took Rose-Hip Vital and that it was more effective than glucosamine.

R. Christensen, E. M. Bartels, H. Bliddal;

The Parker Inst.: Musculoskeletal Statistics Unit, Copenhagen F, DENMARK.




Other scientific papers on the efficacy of rosa canina:


We use only the highest quality, natural ingredients in all our treats, ensuring that they are free from any harmful additives or preservatives.



Organic baby oat, organic barley, organic strawberries/banana/blackberries/pear/kale/cucumber, Rosehip Vital

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