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Forest Sunset Bundt Cake Set

Forest Sunset Bundt Cake Set



Designed with lush greenery in mind, the Forest Bundt Cake boasts an aromatic wheatgrass and lemon verbena base.

Wheatgrass is a superfood packed with nutrients and antioxidants, while lemon verbena aids in digestion, detoxification, reducing anxiety and stress levels.

It is topped with echinacea (proven to improve immunity, blood sugar, and skin health), strawberries and sunflower petals.



Organic wheatgrass, organic oat, lemon verbena, echinacea, sunflower petals, organic freeze dried strawberries



The Sunset Bundt Cake has been envisioned after the warm, amber hues of the setting sun.

This also makes for a great DIY (Decorate-It-Yourself) cake as you can add your hamster/rabbit/guinea pig's favourite fruit or veggie toppings!

Cake base is made with our popular pumpkin safflower combination, topped with homegrown parsley, ochre safflower petals, and flecks of sunflower petals to emulate gold flakes.

Safflower has purported health benefits from improving circulation to lowering blood sugar levels.



Organic pumpkin, organic oat, safflower, organic parsley, sunflower petals


NOTE1: Safflower is not safe for pregnant animals.

NOTE2: Lemon verbena is a herb and is NOT related to the lemon/citrus family. It is safe and beneficial for all small rodents, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Measures 2.8cm diameter.

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