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Mini Traditional Mooncakes (Joint Support)

Mini Traditional Mooncakes (Joint Support)


Our Mini Traditional Mooncake is a soft mooncake suitable for even very senior hams, so they too can partake in moon gazing this Mid Autumn season!

Fortified with Joint Support and a surprise egg yolk centre for the full Mid Autumn experience, these mini mooncakes measures 2cm each and are the perfect size for our small friends🌕🥮


Great for hams (especially seniors), doggos (they love it!) and all small rodents of all ages.

Note: Can be stored in room temperature for 1 month, 3 months refrigerated and up to 6 months frozen


Includes Rose-Hip Vital made from 100% rosehip buds grown in Denmark, which helps support cartilage maintenance for healthy joints and has the following benefits:

-Helps with joint pain and joint mobility

-Preventative for joint problems

-Immune system support

-General health and well-being

-Coat quality, skin conditions, allergies

-Patented Rosehip powder more effective than glucosamine


One of the 30+ scientific research papers is a comparison between Rose-Hip Vital's patented Rosehip powder & glucosamine. The study found that there was a clinically significant improvement in the group who took Rose-Hip Vital and that it was more effective than glucosamine.

R. Christensen, E. M. Bartels, H. Bliddal;

The Parker Inst.: Musculoskeletal Statistics Unit, Copenhagen F, DENMARK.




Other scientific papers on the efficacy of rosa canina:


We use only the highest quality, natural ingredients in all our treats, ensuring that they are free from any harmful additives or preservatives.


Organic rolled oat, Jobbie Pure Peanut Butter (100% roasted peanuts), organic banana, egg yolk, Rosehip Vital, organic brewers' yeast

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